Knee Surgery

Knee Arthroscopy in Texas Hill Country


Arthroscopy is the ability to see inside a joint with a small camera using small incisions around the joint.

Patients of all ages can develop knee pain.  This pain can develop from an acute injury or from wear-and-tear on the joing.  Both of these problems can potentially be treated with knee arthroscopy.  Not all patients with knee pain require surgical intervention but if appropriate, Dr Beicker is able to perform knee arthroscopy in order to repair what is damaged.  Whether it be a torn ACL, damaged cartilage or meniscus, dislocating patella, or any other type of knee problem, Dr Beicker is able to fix these usually through small incisions around the knee.  This minimally invasive approach to dealing with these problems allows the patient to recover quicker and may result in improved overall outcome and satisfaction.

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