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Shoulder Surgery


Dr Beicker has completed a sports medicine fellowship with the world renowned surgeon Dr Richard Hawkins. Dr. Hawkins is one of the premier shoulder surgeons in the world and has imparted his knowledge and skill to Dr Beicker, along with many other fellows across the country. Dr Beicker has treated many different types of shoulder problems ranging from occasional pain with activity to complex revision shoulder replacement procedures. Dr Beicker is also well-equipped to treat any and all shoulder rotator cuff problems. He even helped publish the technique used to treat patients who have been told their rotator cuff is not fixable. Patients who are young and have a large rotator cuff tear that has been determined to be irreparable may be able to improve function with this new technique.

Complete Shoulder Care

The shoulder is considered the most unstable joint in the body. Because of this, it is able to go through very extreme ranges of motion to allow for many different functions. Many people think the shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint but more appropriately the shoulder should be thought of as a golf ball on a tee. This gives a better idea of the inherent instability of the shoulder. Most of the actual shoulder stability is maintained by a ring of cartilage around the socket called the labrum in addition to ligaments and muscles that surround the joint. If the labrum tears, this can be painful and can contribute to instability of the shoulder and may cause a shoulder dislocation. Dr Beicker also worked with one of the premier shoulder instability experts in the country, Dr John Tokish, and is well-trained to handle any and all types of shoulder instability problems.

Fredericksburg Shoulder Replacement


Dr Beicker is one of the few surgeons in the Texas hill country that performs total shoulder replacements as well as reverse total shoulder replacements. As we age, some people start to develop wearing of their shoulder joint referred to as degenerative joint disease or Arthritis. This problem can contribute to both pain in the shoulder and loss of function. Arthritis can develop from wear-and-tear of the joint over time, or as a result of a rotator cuff tear that is untreated. Both of which can be treated with special shoulder replacement procedures designed to eliminate the pain caused by the worn out joint. If the joint has worn out from normal wear-and-tear, a total shoulder replacement may be a good option to help relieve pain and restore function. If the rotator cuff is torn and the patient’s activity level is appropriate, Dr Beicker can perform a reverse total shoulder replacement which is designed to eliminate the need for a rotator cuff and allow the shoulder to function off of the other muscles around the shoulder. Many patients who are unable to lift their arm because of a rotator cuff tear are able to regain function and maintain their independence after this procedure.

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